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Italian Adventurer. The Italian Adventurer was created by the Italian author Gastone Simoni (Italian BoyItalian Detective, Pirate Queen (II)) and appeared in La Tigre dell’Oceano #1-22 (1932-1933).

The Italian Adventurer is an energetic Italian who, with the help of his older, more portly friend, travels around the world, fighting evil, whether of the Yellow Peril variety (in the person of “Mr. Wang, Gentleman of Color”), the occult variety (in the person of the resurrected pirate Morgan and the “Totem of Bad Spirits”), or ordinary jewel thieves.

The Italian Adventurer is active from Albany to China and appears in stories with titles like “The Hydroplane of Salvation,” “The Man in the Red Mask,” “The Lord of Joy and Death.”

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