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Isaak & Benjamín. Isaak & Benjamín were created by the Spanish author Marc Farell (Corsair X, Margaret, Pablo & Sidney, Red Circle, Sam, Titán (II), Toby, Mack Wan, Khun Zivan) and appeared in Un Viaje al Planeta Marte #1-24 (1933-1934).

Isaak & Benjamín are Planetary Romance Heroes. They are two young boys who take a rocket to Mars in pursuit of the Three Tigers Gang, a group of thugs who have discovered that gold and diamonds are plentiful in the soil of Mars and intend to loot the Red Planet. Isaak, Benjamín, and the Three Tigers Gang discover that Mars is inhabited by a variety of creatures, from civilized, gallant, knightly humanoids to vicious bear-men to idol-worshiping savages who try to burn Isaak and Benjamín on stakes to natives closely modeled on stereotypical Native Americans and Zulus to winged gorillas and a giant ape modeled on King Kong (I).

Isaak & Benjamín appear in stories with titles like “Desperados of the Infinite,” “An Unknown World,” and “The Mysterious Valley.”

* I'm including Un Viaje al Planeta Marte in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because the pulp is wonderfully pure and pulpy ideasplosive Planetary Romance. Marc Farell took readers on a thrill ride with each issue and liberally planted ideasplosions like land mines to rock the readers' minds. Winged gorillas, man, winged gorillas. Boy howdy. This is the good stuff. 

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