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Invisible Robinhood. The Invisible Robinhood was created by “Eando Binder,” the pseudonym of Earl Binder (Adam Link, Little People, Vincent Renolf, Dan Williams, Anton York) and Otto Binder (Adam Link, Little People, Mad Moor, Vincent Renolf, Dan Williams, Anton York), and appeared in “The Invisible Robinhood” (Fantastic Adventures, May 1939) and “Land of the Shadow Dragons” (Fantastic Adventures, May 1941).

The Invisible Robinhood is a Costumed Avenger. Lyle Trent is a scientist who is maimed in a laboratory accident. But the accident also shows Trent a means by which to make moving photons stay in an electrical current. Because the photons continue to move, they are invisible to the naked eye, and Trent wears a suit of metal mesh containing the photons, thus rendering him invisible as well. Calling himself “the Invisible Robinhood,” Trent uses his invisibility to fight crime, from muggers to con-men to corrupt politicians, and even stops the War in Europe. He is aided by Ted Marne, a reporter, who publicizes Trent’s achievements.

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