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Imam, Alhaji. Alhaji Imam was created by the Nigerian author Abubakar Imam (Aku) and appeared in Ruwan Bagaja (1934).

Centuries ago, in some undefined period in the past, Alhaji Imam, a boastful, roguish young Hausa of Kwantagora, in northern Nigeria, suffers two tragedies: his real father is murdered by Sakimu, a stepson; then Imam’s adopted father, an imam, is humiliated at court by the king. To vindicate the adoptive father and avenge the murdered father Imam goes traveling in search of the ruwan bagaja, the “water of cure,” and goes all the way to India to find it. He cheats Lebanese, Fulani, and Europeans, encounters monsters, is helped by jinn, repeatedly meets and competes with fellow rogue Zurke d'an Muhamman, encounters kindly water spirits, finds the water of cure and has the jinn transports him home via a well. Imam succeeds in vindicating his adoptive father and killing Sakimu.

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