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Hurricane. Hurricane was created by the Spanish creator Luis D’Oc and appeared in Huracán #1-12 (1942).

The Hurricane is “the Ghost Pilot,” a flying adventurer and explorer who travels around the world and finds Lost Race Aztecs (who become Hurricane’s allies), the Lost Race responsible for Easter Island, dinosaurs (who the Aztecs help the Hurricane fight), evil Japanese pilots in China, Jungle Heroes in India, Mad Scientists who send the Hurricane back a thousand years, cyclopses, Lost Race Maya with modern technology, and Lost Race white natives in the Amazon.

* I'm including Huracán in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because of the ideasplosions within it. Author Luis D'Oc can be forgiven for his enthusiasm-verging-on-obsession with Lost Races, surely; it's not like Spain had a surfeit of those stories in 1942, and D'Oc was merely making up for the lack of same. D'Oc certainly put enough imaginative content into the pulp that anyone looking for a good sfnal time would know where to go. Aviators and Aztecs fighting dinosaurs, Maya with modern technology, Indian Jungle Heroes...every issue of the pulp had fantastic content, which must have made the pulp really shine by comparison to what was for sale in Spain at the time. 

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