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Huo Yuanjia. Huo Yuanjia was created by the Chinese author Xiang Kairen (Gui Wu (I), Kunlun Monks, Zeng Fuchou) and appeared in “Jindai Xiayi Yingxiong Zhuan” (Zhentan Shijie, 1926-1929).

Huo Yuanjia is Nüxia/Wüxia. Both Huo and his friend Wang “Big Knife” Zhengyi are martial arts masters. In the 1890s they are both disgusted by the decrepit state of China, and Huo founds a martial arts school that he hopes will cure China’s spiritual, cultural, and political sickness. Huo defeats three foreign martial arts masters as a way of demonstrating the superiority of his martial skill, but then the Boxer Rebellion takes place, and both Huo and Wang are forced to live up to their knightly ideals by defending the non-Chinese citizens against the Boxers. Huo and Wang convert a home into a fortress from which they defeat numerous attacks, but when foreign troops march into the city to defeat the Boxers Huo is killed fighting against them.

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