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Hunter, Bob (II). Bob Hunter (II) was created by “Mark Elling,” the pseudonym of the German author Lisa Barthel Winkler (Alaska-Jim, Sturmvögel) and appeared in Bob Hunter auf Indianerpfaden #1-111 (1937-1939) and Bob Hunter #1-30 (1958-1959); his stories were reprinted in Poland in 1938 and in Belgium and Italy in 1939.

Bob Hunter (II) is a German-American cowboy hero active in the 1870s and 1880s. His adventures take him across the Americas. With his friends, the native Red Ben Hunger and the former slave Obadja, Hunter encounters the Red Pirate, black Amazons, slave handlers in Louisiana, Lost Race Aztecs along the Rio Puerco, The Man In The Red Turban, the King of the Forests (a Robin Hood type), a Comanche war on Canadian settlers, and a vicious group of Molly Maguires.

Hunter appears in stories with titles like “Silver, Gold, and Fire Water,” “The Caravan of Death,” and “Bloody Arrows.”

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