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Humphrey, Addison. Addison Humphrey was created by Will Payne (Blue Sky Company, Elmer Furbush) and appeared in eight stories in The Saturday Evening Post in 1911, beginning with “Extra-Legal Proceedings” (Saturday Evening Post, Sept 9, 1911).

Addison Humphrey is a hardworking store owner and inventor of the “Atmospheric Generator.” Unfortunately, he owes almost as much money to lenders as he is owed by his store’s debtors, and he is too kind-hearted to apply too much pressure to his debtors, many of whom are in much worse financial conditions than himself. Luckily, Addison is married to a sensible and driven woman who combines with Addison to figure out clever ways to get the money they are owed, and thereby help Addison pay off those he owes money to as well as perfect his own inventions.

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