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Humanity. Humanity was created by the Czech author Tomás Hruby and appeared in Saharské slunce (1924), Rozpoutané síly (1925), and Vzkrísení slunce (1928).

The three books are set at various points in the future and describe what happens to humanity. In the first novel there is an energy crisis which is eventually resolved by the adoption of nuclear energy. In the second novel there is a race war “between yellows and whites,” with the Yellow Peril Chinese invading and occupying Europe, and the Europeans eventually driving the Chinese off with the use of atomic bombs. In the third novel, set a millennium after the second novel, there is a final conflict between capitalists and socialists, all the while a new Ice Age is coming to Earth and the planet is threatened by a wandering asteroid. But humanity manages to make contact with Martians, who agree to take us. 

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