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Hulan, Nez. Nez Hulan was created by Neil R. Jones (Professor Jameson, Miller Rand, Durna Rangue) and appeared in “The Asteroid of Death” (Wonder Stories Quarterly, Fall 1931) and “The Moon Pirates” (Amazing Stories, Sept-Oct 1934).

Nez Hulan and Reene are co-explorers and competitors for the hand of the beautiful Zelna. Hulan wins Zelna. But following a disaster on Mars Hulan is horribly maimed, and his body is replaced with metal parts, including a metal head in which his brain is implanted. Unfortunately, the operation changes Hulan’s personality, and Zelna throws him over for Reene, which prompts Hulan to swear revenge, begin murdering people, and trapping Zelna in a spaceship set to crash into Phobos. Reene rescues her and Hulan joins a band of space pirates. In the sequel, Hulan, working with the space pirates, tries to rape a heroine and create a Brain in the Jar, but fails in the end.

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