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Huapactzin. Huapactzin was created by the Mexican creator Alfonso Tirado (El AlacranFrankenstein, MoabMoctezuma, Dick MorganOceyolotl, Phantom Thief (II), Pirate Queen (III), Karl Rice) and appeared in the comic strip “El Hijo del Flechador del Cielo” (Pepín, Apr. 26, 1938-Oct. 25, 1939).

Huapactzin, the son of Moctezuma, refuses to submit to the conquistadors, despite the fact that the Oracle has foretold the fall of the Aztecs and the submission of La Malinche—the woman Huapactzin loves—to the cruel Diego de Carvajal. Huapactzin kills de Carvajal, but La Malinche does not believe that the Oracle’s prophecy can be overturned, and she becomes the lover of Don Hernando, forcing Huapactzin to continue his fight against the Spanish on his own.

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