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Horner, Little Jack. Little Jack Horner was created by “Jerome Severs Perry,” the pseudonym of Robert Leslie Bellem (Duke Pizzatello, Nick Ransom, Tate Shevlin, Dan Turner, Dr. Zarkov), and appeared in six stories in Hollywood Detective from 1943 to 1947, beginning with “Homicide Plum” (Hollywood Detective, Sept. 1943).

John J. “Little Jack” Horner is a Bellem. He is a Hollywood detective–or, as he puts it, a “Tinseltown shamus.” “He was two hundred hard pounds of six-feet-tall manhood…he was also a beef blower for Epicure Pictures in Hollywood, a beef blower being one who blows down beefs, or, in more lucid language, quells trouble. He did not like to be called a studio detective.”

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