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The Honeymoon Detectives. The Honeymooners were created by “Arnold Fredericks,” the pseudonym of Frederic Arnold Kummer (Richard Duvall, Shirley Holmes, OctaviusJudge Tyson), and appeared in six stories and story serials in The Cavalier, All-Story Cavalier Weekly, and All-Story Weekly from 1912 to 1917, beginning with “The Honeymoon Detectives” (The Cavalier, Mar. 23, 1912).

The “Honeymoon Detectives” stories are the first example of the husband-and-wife detective stories. The husband is Richard Duvall, a private detective and founder of his own agency, located in Union Square, New York City. Duvall is good enough as a detective that he is hired to be a part of the personal staff of Monsieur Lefever, the Prefect of the Parisian Police. Duvall’s wife is Grace Duvall; she is devoted, loving, cute and spunky. She is not officially trained to be a detective, but she has a clever and inquisitive mind, and is quite willing to help out her husband on a case, even if he doesn’t want her help. In practice she turns out to be the lead character, not just in the series but in the marriage itself; she solves most of the cases and does most of the legwork while he lags behind and acts stupidly. They help France on various occasions, Richard even refusing to divulge a secret code after several hours of torture, and then return to the U.S., where Richard agrees to be a gentleman farmer in southern Maryland. But they keep getting dragged back into cases, and Grace continues to be the one to do the real work on the cases.

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