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Honey, Hobart. Hobart Honey was created by Bertram Atkey (Smiler Bunn, Dragour, Easy Street Experts, Prosper Fair, George H. Jay, Mesmer Milann, Winnie O'Wynn) and appeared in twenty-one stories in The Red Magazine from 1916 to 1947, beginning with “The Backslidings of Mr. Hobart Honey” (The Red Magazine, July 1, 1916); the stories were collected in The Escapes of Mr. Honey (1944).

Mr. Hobart Honey, a hapless Englishman, saves the life of a Tibetan lama. As a reward the lama gives Honey a bottle of pills that allows him to experience previous lives. These lives include that of a harem eunuch, a drunken Saxon archer, a Neanderthal, Friar Tuck, and a Roman centurion.

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