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Holliday, Hiram. Hiram Holliday was created by Paul Gallico and appeared in a story serial and two story collections and novels from 1939 to 1940, beginning with “Crisis in London” (Cosmopolitan, Mar. 1939); he also appeared in a television series in 1956.

Hiram Holliday is a Superhuman. Hiram Holliday is a mild-mannered New York City newspaper reporter (for the Sentinel) who has accumulated a large number of skills and talents while on the job and uses them to fight the Nazis in Europe. His best talent is one he was born with: he has an “extraordinary sensitivity to objects that had been in close connection with people,” which in practical terms means he is a psychic. Holliday has a “surface insignificance” that allows him to escape casual notice, and is kind and quiet, but he’s a crack shot, an excellent fencer, a very good reporter and the soul of a “gentleman adventurer,” which means that in Europe he acts nobly and heroically.

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