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Holeman, Mr. Mr. Holeman was created by George Kibbe Turner (Marcus Aurelius Browne, Chibosh, Salesman, John Snaith) and appeared in a number of stories in Saturday Evening Post in 1919, beginning with “Written on the Cuff” (Saturday Evening Post, June 28, 1919).

Mr. Holeman is a Con Man. He is a charming, well-informed, intelligent man with the regrettable habit of taking in well-meaning men who believe Holeman’s stories about investing and stocks and give Holeman substantial amounts of money, often their whole life’s savings. Inevitably Holeman disappears at a convenient (for him) time, at which point those who gave him their money discover that parts of the story which Holeman told him—that is, the entire story—was fraudulent, and that Holeman is simply a well-dressed and very clever swindler.

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