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Hiroshi. Hiroshi was created by the Japanese author Hirata Shinsaku (Fuji) and appeared in the serial “Shin Senkan Takachiho” (Shônen Kurabu, 1936, as a novel, 1936).

In the near future Hiroshi is a Japanese naval officer who is a part of a secret expedition to the Arctic, to find a hidden area and a secret route into the Atlantic. But the ship Hiroshi is on, the Hokutomaru, is attacked and sunk by forces of the countries “A” and “B,” implicitly America and Britain, White Perils both. Hiroshi and the rest of the crew is saved by the flying battleship Takachiho, and they all fight off the Caucasians, find the Arctic route, and discover the wreck of the cruiser Unebi, lost since 1886.

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