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Hero of the Air. The Hero of the Air was created by the Chinese creator Chen Tian and appeared in the film Hangkong Daxia (1928).

The Hero of the Air is a Nüxia/Wüxia. The Hero flies around the Chinese countryside in his plane, fighting evil with his martial arts abilities. One day he is riding the train after having completed a “knightly mission” when he sees the notorious bandit “Flying Tiger” trying to rape a young woman. The Hero of the Air rescues the woman, defeats Flying Tiger, and rides off into the countryside with the woman. It turns out that the woman (who also knows kung fu and is a martial arts expert) is the wife his parents arranged for him to marry when he was a child. The film ends with the pair flying off into the sunset, the Hero in his plane and his wife on her own, using her kung fu to fly.

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