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Hércules. Hércules was created by “Adolfo Martí Caja,” the pseudonym of the Spanish author Manuel Vallvé López (Ciclón (II)), and appeared in Hércules #1-6 (1942-1943). Hércules is a crime-fighting hero modeled on Doc Savage. Hércules Helizondo is a vigorous, brilliant Basque engineer, from the city of Bilbao, who is so strong and so tanned that he is known as “the Man of Steel.” Hércules fights against evil, assisted by four brilliant men: Mauricio Maldonado, a retired Spanish soldier; Dr. Diego Arroyo, an Argentine doctor; Pepe Ruiz, the group’s Madrileño (from Madrid) servant; and Roald Storm, a Swedish engineer. Their adventures begin in Spain but soon take them around the world. Hércules appears in stories with titles like “The Sardonic Mask,” “The Winged Death,” and “The Paralyzing Ray.”

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