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Heideck, Captain Hermann. Captain Hermann Heideck was created by the German author August Niemann and appeared in Der Weltkrieg—Deutsche Traeume (1904).

Captain Hermann Heideck works for the Prussian General Staff. But tensions are high between Germany and Great Britain, so Heideck goes undercover in India as an indigo salesman. He observes the British forces and becomes friendly with a Russian prince. The Russians attack Afghanistan, take it, and then invade India, while the French, German, and Russians are attacking the British forces in Europe. Heideck enlists in the Russian army in India but ends up saving the life of a British woman he has fallen in love with. Heideck is active on the battlefield as the Russians advance. When the native princes see how bumbling the British are, the Indians switch sides, and the British are forced to flee from India. Heideck goes to Europe, uncovers a ring of British spies, and then is killed just before the British are defeated and surrender.

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