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Hazeltine, Gillian. Gillian Hazeltine was created by George F. Worts (Dr. Dill, Peter the Brazen, Singapore Sammy) and appeared in twenty-eight short stories and story serials in Argosy and Blue Book from 1926 to 1945, beginning with “Lies at any Price” (Argosy, Dec. 11, 1926).

Gillian Hazeltine is a hard-edged defense attorney who goes to great lengths to prove his clients’ innocence, including solving the crimes that they are charged with.

Sometimes referred to in legal circles as ‘the Silver Fox,’ largely because of his native cunning, Gillian Hazeltine was perhaps the smartest criminal lawyer in the State. He was a silver-tongued orator, a clever actor, a wit, and a master of surprise.

He was a hard drinker, and his methods were commonly known to be unscrupulous, but he was popular with the public. It was said, darkly, of Gillian Hazeltine, that he had bribed judges and bought juries, that he had employed at one time or another enough illicit tricks to disbar a dozen lawyers; but he generally took the part of the under dog, and that made him liked. He had never been caught at any of his tricks; he was too smooth.

It is thought that Hazeltine provided a model for Perry Mason. 

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