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Hawk From Hell. The Hawk From Hell was created by Eustace L. Adams (Andy Lane, Ray Spencer) and appeared in three stories in Flying Stories and Flying Aces in 1929 and 1930, beginning with “Mickey on the Warpath” (Flying Aces, Sept/Oct. 1929).

Captain Garry Henderson, “war ace” and chief pilot for the Caribbean Airways, Ltd., is on top of the world, but “when my big passenger plane had crashed, killing two women, a man and a baby, everything good in my life had seemed to crash with it, particularly when they had accused me of lying when I had told them that the man had frozen on to the controls and caused the crash.” So Henderson takes to the life of an “air gangster” as the “Hawk From Hell.”

However, Henderson is no ordinary air gangster. He only preys on one man (and his employees): “Hymie Nodine,” chief of the Chicago underworld.” Henderson uses his skills with gun and fist and especially his skills as an aviator to rob from Nodine, although Henderson keeps the money for himself. Henderson is pursued by the mild, sleepy-eyed detective Steve Salisbury, who admires Henderson for what he does to Nodine but tries to arrest Henderson when it appears that Henderson has turned to ordinary crime. Henderson is assisted by the spirited blonde spitfire, Mickey, who is a Gun Moll and an able pilot. She is somewhat in love in Henderson, and vice-versa.

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