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Hawk (II). The Hawk (II) was created by the pseudonymous “John Paul Seabrooke” and appeared in thirteen stories in Top-Notch Magazine from 1931 to 1932, beginning with “The Hawk Strikes” (Top-Notch Magazine, June 15 1931).

The Hawk (II) is a Costumed Avenger. “Duke” Pierson had been an American clubman of wealth and social status, up until the day that his lawyer and a few others had played him false and robbed him blind. Pierson is left almost ruined, with only enough money for a set of shabby rooms. So he takes matters into his own hands and turns to crime, to steal back from his lawyers and others what was stolen from him, and to even the scales of karma. He creates a black cloaked costume, complete with a hawk mask, and a gas gun, and begins robbing his enemies and making sure that they are punished by other criminals, if not the law.

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