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Haverfield, William. William Haverfield was created by R.H. Romans and appeared in “The Moon Conquerors” (Science Wonder Quarterly, Winter 1930) and “The War of the Planets” (Wonder Stories Quarterly, Summer 1930).

William Haverfield is a Planetary Romance Hero. He is a professor and college president who is part of the Brewster expedition, which visits the moon. Millionaire scientist William Brewster determined, via his new, technologically-advanced telescope, that the moon has an atmosphere, and he funds the expedition. Haverfield and the others discover that the moon is inhabited by Lunarians, who are technologically-advanced but are hostile toward the humans for various incidents in the Lunarians’ past. The humans are allowed to live with the Lunarians, but they are treated badly, and it takes five years before the humans can prove to the Lunarians that humanity and not the Lunarians is the advanced race. The sequel is a description of the Lunarians’ history.

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