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Harris, Mike. Mike Harris was created by T.T. Flynn (Cassidy, Denver Kid, Val Easton, Mister Maddox, Izzy O'Shea) and appeared in seventeen stories in Detective Fiction Weekly and Detective Tales from 1933 to 1951, beginning with “Murder’s Masquerade” (Detective Fiction Weekly, Mar. 31, 1933).

Mike Harris is a red-headed, two-fisted Irishman who works as an operative for the Blaine Agency. In the pursuit of his job he takes a number of undercover assignments, working in everything from steel mills to door-to-door salesman positions. He is handsome and uses that to his advantage, but the only woman for him is Trixie Meehan, a pretty, sharp-tongued, muscular, and intelligent operative for the Blaine Agency who is, if anything, even more effective at getting her man (or woman) than Harris.

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