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Harley, Paul. Paul Harley was created by “Sax Rohmer,” the pseudonym of Arthur Sarsfield Ward (Bimbâshi Barûk, Bazarada, Major Bernard de Treville, Fu Manchu (I), Red Kerry, Moris Klaw, Gaston Max, Captain O’Hagan, Abu Tabah), and appeared in twenty stories and two novels and short story collections from 1920 to 1939, beginning with “The Man With the Shaven Skull” (The Premier Magazine, Mar. 12, 1920).

Paul Harley is a Great Detective. He is a British and is regarded by the public “merely as a successful private detective.” They do not know that Harley is “in the confidence of some who guided the destinies of the Empire.” Moreover, “…some of the most momentous problems of British policy during the past five years, problems imperilling [sic] interstate relationships and not infrequently threatening a renewal of the world war, had owed their solution to the peculiar genius of this man.” He is notable “because of that intellectual strength which does not strike one immediately, since it is purely temperamental, but which, nevertheless, invests its possessor with an aura of distinction.” Harley has an office in Chancery Lane and is assisted by his secretary, Innes, and his Watson, Knox.

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