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Hargreaves, Don. Don Hargreaves was created by Festus Pragnell and appeared in nine stories in Amazing Stories from 1938 to 1943, beginning with “Ghosts of Mars” (Amazing Stories, Dec. 1938). Don Hargreaves an explorer and adventurer who travels to Mars to inspect the horrible conditions in the mines there. He distrusts the mine operator, the Martian Metals Company, and has a great deal of sympathy for the oppressed and downtrodden workers. Once he arrives at the mines he meets Elsa Thorwaldson, the beautiful daughter of the mine manager, and they immediately disagree about how the Company is treating the workers. Hargreaves helps the miners but discovers that they, being only human, are vile. Hargreaves also meets a true Martian, and at the end of the first story decides to leave humanity behind because he is “sick and disgusted at what a base thing human nature can be.” He goes “to live among aliens in the caverns around the sunken seas of another world.” In the later stories he helps the languid, beautiful Martian Princess Wimpolo put an end to a revolt among her people, and then has further adventures among the Martians.

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