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Hardwick, Tug. Tug Hardwick was created by Arch Whitehouse (Todd Bancroft, Buzz Benson, Crash Carringer, Casket Crew, Coffin Crew, Griffon, Coffin Kirk) and appeared in eight stories in Flying Aces from 1937 to 1941, beginning with “Shanghai Snare” (Flying Aces, Dec. 1937). Tug Hardwick is a tall, athletic pilot. During World War One he was with the American Air Corps, and after that he was a test pilot. But then his brother died crashing a plane which Hardwick had designed, and Hardwick swore never to fly again. He became a reporter and war correspondent for the Amalgamated News Service. He is following the news in Shanghai when events lead him back into the cockpit, and he resumes flying. He fights for the Chinese and the White Russians against the Japanese, and later against air warlords in Burma.

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