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Hardesty, Flame. Flame Hardesty was created by “Clifford Goodrich,” a Street and Smith pseudonym used in this case by Thomas Calvert McClary (Doctor Conklin) and William G. Bogart (Ken Daly, Johnny Saxon), and appeared in “Death Cargo” (Clues Detective, Dec. 1939) and “Bloody Bullets” (Clues, June 1940).

George “Flame” Hardesty is the “foremost private man hunter in New York, and now ace undercover operative for the F.B.I...he was six feet three, hatless, and wore a white linen suit which made a startling background for his odd green eyes set in a leathery face. But it was his flaming red hair which was in outstanding contrast to the white suit. Years of fighting crime had brought a grim set to Flame Hardesty’s face. It was angular, granitelike.” Hardesty always has unlit cigar in his mouth—only when he is relaxed does he smoke it. On the job, he chews it.

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