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Hannay, Richard. Richard Hannay was created by John Buchan (Edward Leithen, Dickson McCunn) and appeared in six novels from 1915 to 1936, beginning with The Thirty-Nine Steps. Richard Hannay is a well-to-do Scottish mining engineer, retired after making his fortune in South Africa, and a great patriot for the Empire. ("Perhaps the Scots are better than the English, but we're all a thousand percent better than anybody else"). He is also very brave, and thirsty for adventure. All of these qualities drive him onward when adventure looms or when a threat to the Empire presents itself. He stops the Black Stone, a group of spies who are working for a German invasion of England, despite being the subject of a manhunt across the Scottish moors, pursued by both the police and by the Germans. During World War One Hannay is a major in the British army and must discover the true meaning of the word "Kasredin," which may hold the key in determining whether or not Turkey allies with German in the war. After the war Hannay is enjoying a comfortable retirement in the English countryside when the Bolsheviks begin plotting, and Hannay is led into an adventure which culminates in Hannay stalking his prey, and vice-versa, for a day and a night across the Scottish highlands. Hannay is strong and has great endurance; he is "morally intrepid" and always willing to prove his bravery. But he is modest, has a generous respect for the greatness of his enemies, is more sportsmanlike than is practical, and is a long way from an anti-intellectual.

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