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Hallewell, Henri. Henri Hallewell was created by Roy Norton (David & Goliath, Peluk, Jim Tipton) and appeared in “The Glyphs” (Popular Magazine, Sept. 20, 1919) and “The Secret City” (Popular Magazine, Nov. 7-Dec. 7, 1919); both stories were collected as The Caves of Treasure (1925).

Henri Hallewell is an explorer and soldier of fortune. In Paris Hallewell’s friend, the archaeologist Dr. Paolo Morgano, tells Hallewell that he, Morgano, has successfully translated Mayan hieroglyphs and that now vast treasures can be found. Hallewell, Morgano, and James Wardrop, an English big game hunter, leave for Nicaragua. There they find a clue pointing to the final location of the Maya, in the northwestern part of Nicaragua. The trio join up with Ixtual, a Guatemalan Maya of noble descent. They travel through rough terrain and find the greatest city of the Maya in a hidden valley. The city is deserted, but the group find an idol inside of which are a large number of precious stones. In the sequel all the living descendants of the Maya have gone to the hidden city and Ixtual intends to restore the Mayan empire to its glory. Conflict follows between the Maya and Hallewell and his friends.

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