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Haley, Glenn. Glenn Haley was created by E. Hoffmann Price (Pâwang Ali, Pierre d’Artois, Honest John Carmody, Cliff Cragin, Don Cragston, Saul Epstein, Glenn Farrell, Simon Bolivar Grimes, Ishmeddin, Jim KaneMatalaa,  Average Parker, Dr. Zeng Tse-lin) and appeared in “Love’s Renegade” (Romantic Western, May 1938) and “No-Gun Tyrant” (Romantic Western, Sept. 1938).

“Gallopin’ Glenn” Haley is a former cattle thief and shootist. He is reformed, and the only killing to his name was done in self-defense, so there are no warrants out for him, but he is widely mistrusted, and only his crew believe he is a good man. He is now the boss of the Diamond Double B Ranch, in which role he gets into trouble with lawmen, outlaws, and women. Especially women. He has a “hawkish, devil-may-care face...he was not exactly handsome; his face was too strong, and his hazel eyes were wary and bitter as his tight, broad mouth.”

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