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Hale, John. John Hale was created by Ed Earl Repp (Bob Allison, Professor Brandon, Harley Gale, Captain Wollack, Yuma Bill) and appeared in seven stories in Amazing Stories from 1939 to 1943, beginning with “The Scientific Ghost” (Amazing Stories, Jan. 1939).

John Hale is a Scientific Detective. He is known as “The Laboratory Sleuth” and uses a variety of high-tech gadgets, including a “spectroscopic pistol” (for determining substance composition) and a high-speed camera, to solve various science-related matters. These range from radium theft to metallurgists in need “when a new alloy would not behave” to aiding archaeologists “in unearthing new historical treasures” to investigating a ghost which appears to be made of “frozen light.” Hale is tall, thin, and has “glittering eyes.”

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