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Hairbreadth Harry. Hairbreadth Harry was created by C. W. Kahles (Airship Man) and appeared in the comic strip “Hairbreadth Harry” (1906-1940). “Hairbreadth Harry” was one of the first adventure comic strips. Harry was an earnest young man, around twenty years old, who begins do-gooding on the American frontier, saving prospectors, rounding up outlaws, helping sheriffs, and the like. In a short amount of time his adventures become more complicated. He is repeatedly called upon to save his sweetheart and future wife, Belinda Binks, from the schemes of the evil Rudolph Rassendale, the original top-hatted, black-coated, tie-the-heroine-to-the-buzzsaw villain. (He's great!) Harry foils Rassendale's plots in the western frontier of America as well as in western Canada and many other parts of the globe.

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