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Hackensaw, Dr. Dr. Hackensaw was created by Clement Fezandie and appeared in forty stories and story serials in Science and Invention and Amazing Stories from 1921 to 1926, beginning with “The Secret of Artificial Reproduction” (Science and Invention, May 1921).

Dr. Hackensaw is an Unlucky Inventor. Hackensaw is an amiable, white-haired old man modeled on Thomas Edison. Hackensaw is a brilliant scientist and inventor whose inventions push back the frontiers of science. Among his inventions are invisibility, androids, genetic engineering, matter transmitters, mechanical hypnosis, drug-induced time travel (in which he meets Big-Headed Dwarf Geniuses), element transmutation, and space travel. But somehow the inventions rarely work out the way that Hackensaw intends. Hackensaw is assisted by Silas Rockett, a newspaper man.

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