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Gui Wu (I). Gui Wu (I) was created by the Chinese creators Xiang Kairen (Huo Yuanjia, Kunlun Monks, Zeng Fuchou) and Zhang Shichuan (Chinese Woman, Feng, Ma Yongzhen, Nameless Hero) and appeared in the film Huo Shao Hong Lian Si (1928), which was an adaptation of Xiang’s “Jianghu Qi Xia Zhuan” (see: Kunlun Monks).

Gui Wu (I) is a Nüxia/Wüxia. He is a brave warrior who tries to resist the attempt by Gan Liuzi, Floral Butterfly, and the sinister Zhiyuan, the abbot of the Red Lotus Temple, to cruelly rule the area around the temple. Gan tries to bribe Gui by marrying Gan’s daughter, Lianzhu, to Gui, also intending to trap Gui’s soul through the use of the magic “Flag of a Hundred Spirits,” but Gui, though accepting the marriage, refuses to go along with the plans of the trio or be tricked by Gan. Gui and Lianzhu are forced to flee on the back of a sacred eagle, and join the Kunlun school of martial arts. They learn a variety of skills, including flight, turning invisible, and telekinetically manipulating weapons, and then return with Chan Jizhi, a.k.a. “Little Knight Of The Flying Dagger,” to defeat Zhiyuan and his gang of bandits.

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