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Guan Xiugu. Guan Xiugu was created by the Chinese author Zhang Henshui and appeared in “Tixiao Yinyuan” (Xinwen Bao, 1929-1930) and Tixiao Yiyuan (1933).

Guan Xiugu is a Nüxia/Wüxia. She is a sweet young woman who is caring for her father, the doughty martial artist Guan Shoufeng, when he falls ill. She happens to meet the bookish Fan Jiashu, who finds her attractive and begins bringing her wüxia novels to read, such as Ernü Yingxiong Zhuan (see: He Yufeng) and Cao Xueqin’s Honglou Meng. Xiugu finds herself confused and wondering whether Jiashu wants her to become He Yufeng to his An Ji.

Jiashu intends nothing of the sort, but when one of Jiashu’s girlfriends, the drumsinger Shen Fengxi, is kidnaped by an evil warlord, Xiugu reveals that she is a nüxia and uses her superhuman abilities to kill the warlord, and later a group of bandits. In the sequel Xiugu goes to war against the Japanese in Manchuria, becoming a commander of the Northeast Volunteers’ Army and dying in battle.

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