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Grogan, Inspector. Inspector Grogan was created by “Margot Neville,” the pseudonym of the Australian authors Ann Joske and Margot Goyder, and appeared in twenty novels from 1944 to 1966, beginning with Lena Hates Men.

Inspector Grogan is a homicide detective in Sydney. He is a hard man, but not without compassion, and deals with the many awful homicides and drug cases in a grim, straight-forward fashion. His appearance is quite different from his personality, however:

This was the effect he had on most people, innocent and guilty alike: the innocent knew he’d understand them and the guilty imagined he wouldn’t. It was just an aura spread by his smooth Irish face and smoother manner, the healthy gleam of his well-kept hands and teeth and hair.

Grogan is assisted by the Marxist Detective-Sergeant Manning.

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