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Grogan, Battling. Battling Grogan was created by Robert Burtt and appeared in fourteen stories in Flying Aces from 1932 to 1934, beginning with “Against the Rising Sun” (Flying Aces, May, 1932).

“Battling” Mord Grogan is a mercenary pilot who fights against warlords and the Japanese invaders in China. Grogan is stationed in “Chinchow” and is the “scrappy Yank chief of the Dragon brood.” He is helped by three “valiant flight commanders, ‘Monty’ St. John, the lanky Limey, slender ‘Hank’ Goyen, the dapper Frog, and last but not least, the imperturbable Ah Im, Grogan’s boyhood chum of old Nanking days, now premier olive-toned ace of the Dragon clan.”

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