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Griffon. The Griffon was created by Arch Whitehouse (Todd BancroftBuzz Benson, Crash Carringer, Casket Crew, Coffin Crew, Tug Hardwick, Coffin Kirk) and appeared in forty-three stories in Flying Aces from 1935 to 1942, beginning with “Guns of the Griffon” (Flying Aces, June 1935).

The Griffon is a Costumed Avenger. By day he is Kerry Keen, a “young millionaire layabout.” At night Keen puts on a red silk and rubber mask, enters an underground hangar on his Long Island estate, Graylands, and takes the Black Bullet, his heavily armed, “supercharged” seaplane, out on missions of justice and vengeance. Keen is assisted in this by his tailgunner Barney O’Dare and by Barbara "Pebbles" Colony, an adventurous woman who discovers Keen's costumed identity and joins his team.

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