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Gresham, Digby. Digby Gresham was created by Florence Mae Pettee (Dr. Nancy Dayland, George F. Hopper, Beau Quicksilver) and appeared in six stories in various pulps and one novel from 1923 to 1929, beginning with “Ashes” (Detective Tales, June 1923).

Digby Gresham is a Great Detective. Gresham, the “noted criminal investigator,” is adored by the police and is effortlessly able to solve any crime. English, Gresham is by turns somber and rueful, smiles only rarely, smokes “Turkish ‘coffin-nails,’” is an expert Egyptologist, and is Watsoned by his friend Detective Sergeant Allenby. Gresham’s adventures occasionally verge on the fantastic, as when a mummy returns to life.

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