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Greif, Wolf. Wolf Greif was created by the German author Elisabeth von Aspern (Black Bird, Tom Shark, Tom Silvan) and appeared in Wolf Greif #1-61 (1939-1941). Wolf Greif was the Nazi-approved version of Tom Shark (see: Tom Shark), created when the Nazis outlawed series whose heroes had names that sounded English. The series is full of fascist and racist politics and ideology, including evil mulattos.

Wolf Greif is a member of the police force of Rio de Janeiro. He is a German who traveled the world and solved crimes everywhere before retiring to join the police in Rio. Among other things, he finds the lost treasure of the Inca. He is assisted by Peter Strunz, a young man of German descent who is a reporter for the Journal do Commercio and is the narrator of Greif's adventures.

Greif appears in stories with titles like “Inca Gold,” “The Green Killer,” and “Shark Hunter.”

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