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Greer, Gary. Gary Greer was created by Raoul Whitfield (Ben Breed, Dion Davies, Donald Free, Jo Gar, Ben Jardinn, Buck KentCaptain MacLeod, Mel Ourney, Chuck Reddington, Bill Scott, Alan van Cleve) and appeared in nine stories in Black Mask in 1929, beginning with “On the Spot” (Black Mask, Feb. 1929); the stories were collected in Five (1931).

Gary Greer is a Killer Vigilante. Greer is a World War One veteran and a pilot-for-hire. But his father is “too square a prosecuting attorney” for corrupt Central City, and the police and gangsters of Central City collude to kill Greer’s father. This turns Greer grim and lethal, and he sets out for vengeance by killing all those responsible for his father’s death.

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