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Greenleaf, Mr. Mr. Greenleaf was created by Herbert O. Yardley and appeared in The Blonde Countess (1934) and The Red Sun of Nippon (1934).

Mr. Greenleaf was an employee of the U.S. State Department during World War One and built for them a very efficient counter-espionage organization which caught half a dozen spies, prevented the Germans from destroying Pearl Harbor, and frustrated the Austrian attack on Italy. However, he was fired because the higher-ups didn’t like his single-minded approach to counter-espionage; he was told “gentlemen don’t use such methods.” Years later he is approached for help (and gives it) in stopping the schemes of a Japanese master spy (a more realistically drawn Yellow Peril than is usually seen in 1930s thrillers). Greenleaf is a wealthy bachelor misogynist who is knowledgeable in science, art, and history, and who is a clever and resourceful opponent.

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