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Green Hornet. The Green Hornet was created by Fran Striker (Ned Jordan, Lone Ranger, Yukon King) and George W. Trendle (Lone Ranger, Yukon King) and appeared in the radio show The Green Hornet (1936-1952); he also appeared in comic books and the film serials The Green Hornet (1939) and The Green Hornet Strikes Again (1940).

The Green Hornet is a Costumed Avenger. Britt Reid, the grand-nephew of John Reid, the Lone Ranger, is the “daring young publisher” of the crusading paper, the Daily Sentinel. But there are some criminals that the Sentinel can’t uncover or defeat. To fight those bad men, Reid puts on a costume and uses smoke screens, a gas gun, and the Black Beauty, a supercharged auto. Only a few men and women know who the Green Hornet really is. Reid’s valet Kato is the Hornet’s assistant. Kato is a Filipino of Japanese ancestry. He is an expert at martial arts, and is both a chemical genius–he created the Hornet’s gas gun–and an expert inventor–he is responsible for souping up and maintaining the Black Beauty.

The District Attorney knows what Reid does and believes in him. Reid’s secretary, Lenore “Casey” Case also knows. Michael Axford, an Irish stereotype and Reid's bodyguard, does not know Reid’s other identity, and thinks he is only the Sentinel's publisher. Axford was hired by Dan Reid, Britt's father, to watch over Britt and to get him out of the trouble that his playboy lifestyle would get him in to. Axford's opinion of the Hornet is quite low, though, and he wants to capture him. The top reporter at the Sentinel is Ed Lowery, who usually covers the stories that Reid exposes. The Green Hornet takes on a variety of criminals, including the crimelord Mr. X.

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