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Grandon, Robert. Robert Grandon was created by Otis Adelbert Kline (Alan Buell, Dragoman, Ted Dustin, Jan of the Jungle, Bart Leslie, Tam) and appeared in three serials in Argosy All-Story Weekly and Weird Tales from 1929 to 1933, beginning with “The Planet of Peril” (Argosy All-Story Weekly, July 20, 1929).

Robert Grandon is a Planetary Romance Hero. Grandon is a bored, wealthy heir and former soldier of fortune who is kidnaped by a Dr. Morgan and made to take part in a personality transference between Earth and Venus. Grandon’s spirit is sent to Venus and takes over the body of Prince Thaddor of the nation of Uxpo. Uxpo is unwillingly ruled by the empire of Reabon, and so Grandon leads a revolt against Reabon, saves the life of Princess Vernia, and wins her love.

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