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Gorm. Gorm was created by the German author Hans Dominik and appeared In Das Erbe Der Uraniden (1928).

In the near future Gorm, a German scientist, places the plans for his super-weapon, an extremely powerful high explosive, in a vault in a bank in Berlin. This act is witnessed by representatives of all the major world powers, as the explosive was too powerful for any one country to control. Unfortunately, a German Communist inventor has built a ray which could read printed material through iron, and he uses this invention to read the plans to Gorm’s explosive. The Soviets build Gorm’s bomb and launch a war against capitalist civilization, led by the Soviet Air Armada.

After a lengthy war global capitalism defeats the Reds, and in the aftermath Gorm is blamed for the Soviet possession of his bomb. He builds a spaceship to flee the Earth. He goes to Venus and then, when poisonous radiation threatens to destroy the Earth, Gorm finds a cache of SCIENCE! created by the now-extinct Uraniden. Gorm uses the Uraniden’s technology to save Earth.

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