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Goodwin, Walter. Walter Goodwin was created by A. Merritt (Nicholas Graydon, Dr. Lowell) and appeared in “The Conquest of the Moon Pool” (All-Story, Feb. 15-March 22, 1919) and “The Metal Monster” (Argosy All-Story, Aug. 7-Sept. 25, 1920).

Dr. Walter Goodwin is an explorer who ventures into the ruins on the island of Ponape and discovers an entrance to an underground world, Muria. Muria is inhabited by two human races, one light and one dark. The races have SCIENCE!, including disintegrators, invisibility cloaks, and anti-gravity, but they are plagued by the monstrous Shining One and the three Silent Ones, who are the last survivors of an ancient, intelligent reptilian race. The evil Murians are planning to invade and CONQUER THE WORLD! with the help of the Germans, but Goodwin helps defeat them. In the sequel Goodwin discovers, on a botanical expedition into the Trans-Himalayas, a Lost Race of ancient Persians, and then geometrically-shaped metal aliens who treat humans as slaves and cattle. Conflict ensues.

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