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Golden Amazon. The Golden Amazon was created by “Thornton Ayre,” the pseudonym of John Russell Fearn (Maria Black, Brutus Lloyd, Vernon Walsh), and appeared in twenty-four stories and twenty-four novels from 1939 to 1961, beginning with “The Golden Amazon” (Fantastic Adventures, July 1939).

The Golden Amazon is a Superhuman. Violet Ray is two years old when she is orphaned by German bombs during the Blitz in 1940. She is adopted by the famous endocrinologist Dr. Azton, who believes that his newly-discovered technique of controlling the endocrine gland can create superhumans and thus end the war. Azton operates on Ray and adjusts her endocrine gland, but he is immediately killed by a German bomb. A wealthy couple adopts Ray and she grows up to be beautiful, extremely capable, and possessed of superhuman strength, endurance, and powers of recovery.

Unfortunately, she is also spoiled, cruel, and filled with hate for men. She sees that the world is in a shambles and decides to CONQUER THE WORLD!, on the grounds that order is always preferable to chaos. She ruthlessly defeats the countries of the Earth and replaces the men in power with women, but before she can eradicate all men the rest of the world unites against her. She fakes her own death and begins again, but over the years she matures and learns some kindness. Eventually she defends both men and women against invasion attempts by evil aliens.

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