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Godahl. Godahl was created by Frederick Irving Anderson (Oliver Armiston, Judge Alan Ebbs, Sophie Lang, Deputy Parr) and appeared in six stories in The Saturday Evening Post in 1913 and 1914, beginning with “The Infallible Godahl” (Saturday Evening Post, Feb. 15, 1913); the stories were collected in The Adventures of the Infallible Godahl (1914). Godahl is a brilliant, always successful master criminal. Godahl takes a scientific approach to his jobs, using his acute intellect to thoroughly analyze every possibility and outcome for his actions and estimating them in terms of logic and probabilities. He always wins, not because of his wit, charm, or the author’s collusion, but because Godahl is smarter than his opponents, most especially the good-natured but hopelessly-outmatched Deputy Parr.

Godahl is so good at crime that he has never been suspected of anything, much less caught. The only person who knows of his tendencies is his Watson, the "extinct author" Oliver Armiston. Godahl has only one personality flaw: his neurotic fear of those who've lost a sense. His belief is that the loss of one sense heightens the others, so that a deaf man or woman would see more perceptively than a normal person would, which might clue them in to Godahl's criminality

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